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Our Data

We chose certain data sources that are commonly used within the political space to communicate key information to voters. Voters should be able to rely on the information they are viewing without any spin or bias seen from their elected officials.

Current Data Sources

Data Category Description Why this data source?
Candidate Campaign Website Candidate election website This the platform the candidate is running on which can be used to evaluate alignment and success once in office.
Government Website Elected official website This the record the of the elected official which can be used to evaluate voter alignment on activity.
Ballotpedia Source of candidates, elected officials and ballot measures Tracking of elected officials and candidates at the state & local level.
Follow the Money* Source of Donor data Defines contributions for candidates and elected officials based on who is contributing to the candidate.
Open Secrets* Source of bill data Access to state and local bill data being proposed across the states.

*Coming Soon

Sourcing Process

We review issues on the candidate website and for elected officials we review government websites to paint a picture of candidates on the platform. We aim to simplify the issue for people to understand what the candidate is actually saying without any of the “spin” they tend to add.